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Eigashima Shuzo

Akashi Goju 50 Sherry Oak

Akashi Goju 50 Sherry Oak

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Region: Akashi

Country: Japan

Volume: 750ml


Akashi Goju 50 is a distinguished blended Japanese whisky meticulously crafted by Eigashima Shuzo in the city of Akashi, Japan. This exquisite blend is composed of wheat, rye, and malted barley, with a subtle peat influence of 10ppm.

After undergoing double distillation in copper pot stills, the whisky is matured for approximately 3 years in a mix of casks including new oak, ex-bourbon, and ex-shochu. It is then elegantly finished for about 2 years in ex-sherry casks, resulting in a non-age statement expression.

On the nose, Akashi Goju 50 offers enticing aromas of raisin, smoked sea salt, and vanilla pastry. The palate is a harmonious blend of assertive baking spice and well-integrated sherry, culminating in a finish characterized by flinty dark chocolate notes.

Bottled at a robust 50% ABV and non-chill filtered, Goju 50 is destined to be a classic. Its name, "Goju," translates to "fifty," reflecting its elevated alcohol content. With an average age of 5 years, this whisky gracefully dances between floral sweetness and dry salinity, underscored by a gentle smokiness.
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About Brewery

Eigashima Shuzo

Eigashima Shuzo is located just a rock’s skip away from Kobe Bay and ocean-laden air is reflected in its whisky’s savory, saline-driven purity. The origin of the town of Akashi, translated as the “Sun Rise City,” dates back over 500 years. Here, less than 100 yards from the ocean, the family behind Eigashima Shuzo has been making traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages such as sake for over three centuries. Eigashima Shuzo holds Japan’s first whisky license, issued in 1919, and remains the country’s smallest whisky producer. Serious malt production at the distillery did not begin until 1984, when the current copper pot stills were put into action and a focus on premium whiskies began at its ‘White Oak’ facility. Following a program dedicated to crafting a refined and elegant whisky, the distillery limits production to ensure that quality is preeminent, making Eigashima’s Akashi one of the most respected labels in Japanese whisky today.