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Las Jaras

Glou Glou Red

Glou Glou Red

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Sip on this! It's good for you because...

Varietal: Zinfandel, Carignan, Petite Sirah, Mourvedre, Carbernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay

Region: California

Country: United States

Volume: 750ml

The team employs various wine-making techniques, including carbonic maceration, traditional skin contact, and a method they term "reverse saignée." This involves pressing whole clusters of tannic red grape varieties and adding the juice to a red wine fermenter to enhance the juice-to-skin ratio, resulting in a lighter red wine. Their aim is to create a harmonious, multi-dimensional blend.

Predominantly, the wines undergo carbonic maceration, a gentle method that prevents early-harvest wines from becoming overly tannic. After a fermentation period of 7-15 days, depending on the batch, the juice is separated from the skins. It then undergoes natural fermentation in tanks after the addition of 10ppm sulfur. To maintain the wine's vibrancy and freshness, half of the batches are aged in barrels while the other half are aged in stainless steel tanks. Before bottling, a minimal amount of sulfur is added, and the wine is lightly filtered.

Personality: “the most refreshing red wine ever, and the perfect antidote to long summer days and the heat of the grill. On the nose, it is a sea of hibiscus and raspberry with undertones of roasted coffee and wet rock. The palate is intense and fleshy with flavors of black plum and pomegranate and a long textural finish.  

Glou Glou has enough acid to stand up to your favorite tomato sauce, as well as intense berry notes that perfectly complement the char of a burger or perfectly cooked pizza crust. Serve this slightly chilled, and you will be the hero of your next backyard barbecue.”

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About Winemaker

Las Jaras

In a garage, two friends, Joel, a winemaker, and Eric, a comedian and food blogger, began their journey into the world of natural wine, founding Las Jaras. Their venture started with Joel's unique sparkling Carignan, inspiring Eric with its freshness compared to traditional Champagnes and Californian wines. Joel introduced Eric to classical European wines, leading them to develop Las Jaras, blending classical and natural wine-making approaches.

Their debut wine, the 2015 Sweet Berry Wine, featuring a label with Eric's comedy partner, John C. Reilly, attracted comedy fans to their low-intervention wines. This marked the start of their winery, expanding their range with various grapes and styles, from a deep Rosato to a light carbonic red called Glou Glou. Eric describes their wine-making as a personal journey, influenced by evolving tastes and inspiration from friends in the wine community, like Andy and Joe Swick.

Despite their differing tastes, Joel and Eric harmonize their wine preferences seamlessly. Eric believes in supporting Joel's passion, emphasizing collaboration over ego, a philosophy he applies to his comedy partnerships as well. They focus on a clean, minimalist approach in the cellar, picking grapes at optimal ripeness, experimenting with different vessels, and minimal oak, aiming to preserve the natural essence of the wine. Their commitment to quality is evident in their sourcing of organic grapes since 2018, encouraging growers to adopt organic practices.

Las Jaras stands out from typical celebrity-endorsed wines due to their genuine dedication to quality. Initially facing skepticism, Eric's passion for food and wine has earned respect from peers, winemakers, and restaurant managers alike.

So..What's natural wine again?

  • No synthetic molecules in the vines
  • Plowing or other solutions to avoid chemical herbicides
  • Use of indigenous yeast
  • Handpicked grapes
  • Low to no filtering
  • Low to no sulfites
  • Winemaking that respects the grapes: no pumping or rough handling
    of the grapes
  • no micro-oxygenation

Not all of our wines are natural; some are simply organic or sustainable.
However, they're all delicious and good for you!