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Bijofu 'Schwa' Ginjo Sparkling Sake

Bijofu 'Schwa' Ginjo Sparkling Sake

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Region: Kochi

Country: Japan

Volume: 500ml


BIJOFU 'SCHWA' GINJO SPARKLING SAKE is a distinctive sparkling sake crafted with precision and care. Made using the Ginjo brewing method, which involves fermenting sake at low temperatures for an extended period to enhance its aromatic and flavorful profile, this sparkling sake offers a refreshing and effervescent experience that is both elegant and enjoyable.

Tasting Notes: In the glass, BIJOFU 'SCHWA' GINJO SPARKLING SAKE exhibits a clear and bright appearance with a fine effervescence. On the nose, it offers delicate aromas of green apple, pear, and floral notes, with a hint of yeastiness from the secondary fermentation. The palate is crisp and lively, with vibrant flavors of apple, citrus, and a subtle rice sweetness, balanced by a refreshing acidity and a clean, dry finish.

Pairing Suggestions: The bright and effervescent character of BIJOFU 'SCHWA' GINJO SPARKLING SAKE makes it a versatile pairing partner for a variety of cuisines. It pairs beautifully with light and fresh dishes such as sushi, sashimi, seafood salads, and vegetable tempura. Its refreshing and lively nature also makes it an excellent choice for enjoying as an aperitif or paired with light appetizers.

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About Brewery


Hamakawa Shoten Brewery is a respected sake brewery located in Niigata Prefecture, one of Japan's most renowned sake-producing regions. Niigata is known for its high-quality sake due to its pristine water source and favorable climate for rice cultivation. Established in 1879, Hamakawa Shoten Brewery has a long history of sake production and is dedicated to preserving traditional brewing methods while also innovating to create unique and modern sake varieties.

Founded in 1879, Hamakawa Shoten Brewery has a rich history spanning over a century. The brewery has been committed to producing high-quality sake using traditional brewing methods and has earned a reputation for excellence in the sake industry.

Hamakawa Shoten Brewery focuses on quality and craftsmanship, adhering to traditional brewing techniques while also embracing innovation to create distinctive and exceptional sake varieties. The brewery is dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients, including high-quality rice and pure water from the Niigata region, to ensure the authenticity and purity of their sake.

Sake Production:
Hamakawa Shoten Brewery produces a wide range of sake varieties, from classic to modern styles, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. The brewery utilizes high-quality rice polished to perfection, pure water sourced from the Niigata region, and carefully selected yeast strains to ensure the highest quality and purity of the sake.