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Neversink Spirits

Neversink Apple Spéritif-Pommeau

Neversink Apple Spéritif-Pommeau

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Region: New York

Country: United States

Volume: 750ml

ABV: 21.75% (ABV will vary slightly from batch to batch)

This sophisticated spirit is meticulously crafted from a blend of Neversink apple brandy, aged for a year in ex-whiskey barrels, and freshly pressed, unfermented heirloom apple cider in a two-to-one ratio.

After blending, the apéritif undergoes an 18-month aging process in 60-gallon French oak casks, previously used for white wine, enhancing its depth and complexity.

Upon tasting, the Neversink apple apéritif reveals a fresh red apple aroma, accompanied by subtle notes of walnut and butterscotch toffee. The palate is greeted with bright acidity, complemented by hints of clove, sage, and celery root. The finish is a harmonious blend of fresh apple skin and stewed apples, accented by a touch of ginger.

What sets this apéritif apart is its commitment to natural flavors, containing no added sugar. It is also noteworthy that Neversink Spirits holds an NY Farm Distillery License, emphasizing their dedication to sourcing locally.

With an ABV of 21.75%, which may vary slightly between batches, this pommeau-inspired apéritif is best enjoyed slightly chilled, either neat or in a cold-weather Spritz. To maintain its vibrant flavors, it is recommended to refrigerate the spirit after opening and consume it within 3–6 months, as it will begin to develop deeper, oxidized notes over time.

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About Brewery

Neversink Spirits

Neversink Spirits was founded by Noah Braunstein and Yoni Rabino, lifelong friends united by their shared passions for spirits, wine, food, and the great outdoors. After years of tasting, experimenting, and planning, they discovered a project that perfectly encapsulated their interests – thus, Neversink Spirits was born. For Noah and Yoni, crafting spirits is not just a profession, but a calling. Apples serve as their muse, and through Neversink, they've found the ideal platform to share their vision with enthusiasts.

Drawing inspiration from the esteemed European traditions of Calvados and eau de vie, as well as the diverse global styles of gin, the duo at Neversink melds old-world techniques with innovative domestic approaches. The result is a distinctive range of spirits that proudly spotlight the local fruit of New York State.

For their flagship spirit, Neversink Gin, a single-estate 100% NY apple base spirit is macerated with juniper berries overnight. The next day, this juniper-infused base undergoes distillation with a full spectrum of eleven botanicals: juniper, coriander, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, orris root, angelica root, elderflower, fresh orange peel, fresh lemon peel, and fresh grapefruit peel. The outcome is a nuanced and refined gin, where warm baking spices and zesty citrus beautifully complement the apple foundation.

Neversink Spirits' collection also includes a revered but limited line of eaux de vie, brandies, and aperitifs, all crafted from 100% New York-grown fruit and released seasonally. Among these, Neversink Spirits Apple Brandy stands out, offering a fresh and aromatic representation of a blend of iconic New York apple varieties.