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Parajes del Valle

Parajes del Valle Bobal Ecologico Rosado

Parajes del Valle Bobal Ecologico Rosado

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Sip on this! It's good for you because...

Varietal: Bobal

Region: Manchuela

Country: Spain

Volume: 750ml

This wine boasts a delightful array of features, including cherry, raspberry, and ripe fruit notes, all underlined by a fresh and high-acidity profile. The tasting experience is a burst of concentrated, juicy flavors reminiscent of small red berries, hedgerow fruit, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries, complemented by hints of slightly citrusy fruits. The wine's texture is silky and concentrated, offering a clean, juicy, and dry finish with a pleasant touch of bitter cherry skin.

When it comes to food pairings, this versatile wine is an excellent choice. Its vibrant acidity and fruity character make it a perfect match for prawns, enhancing the seafood's natural flavors. The wine's fruity notes also harmonize well with the sweet and sour elements of pork dishes, making sweet and sour pork an ideal pairing. Additionally, its fresh and juicy profile complements the refreshing flavors of a tomato salad, rounding out the meal beautifully.
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About Winemaker

Parajes del Valle

Situated at elevations between 600 and 700 meters, the organic vineyards of Parajes del Valle range from 15 to 30 years in age, showcasing the vibrant Monastrell grapes that define the wine's fruity and fresh profile. Parajes del Valle prides itself on crafting honest, organic wines that are both approachable and genuine.

The wines from this vineyard are straightforward and authentic, devoid of unnecessary complexities. They offer pure, aromatic flavors that truly reflect the essence of the grape variety. Ideal for enthusiasts seeking refreshing and straightforward wines, Parajes del Valle provides an authentic and enjoyable experience with every sip. Whether paired with a meal or enjoyed on its own, Parajes del Valle promises a true taste of quality and tradition.

So..What's natural wine again?

  • No synthetic molecules in the vines
  • Plowing or other solutions to avoid chemical herbicides
  • Use of indigenous yeast
  • Handpicked grapes
  • Low to no filtering
  • Low to no sulfites
  • Winemaking that respects the grapes: no pumping or rough handling
    of the grapes
  • no micro-oxygenation

Not all of our wines are natural; some are simply organic or sustainable.
However, they're all delicious and good for you!