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Domini del Leone by Emilio Fidora

Prosecco Spumante Brut

Prosecco Spumante Brut

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Sip on this! It's good for you because...

Varietal: Glera

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy

Volume: 750ml

Winemaker’s note: “The peculiar minerality of this soil, located near the Lagoon of Venice, conveys a complex aromatic balance to every single grape, while the proximity to the sea and to its winds
gives them a distinctive sapidity, which increases their aromas.”

The grapes, carefully hand-harvested and gently pressed, undergo a Charmat method sparkling wine production process. After the primary fermentation, the base of white wine made from Glera grapes is slowly fermented for at least 8 weeks in stainless steel tanks. The result? An exceptionally fine and crispy perlage that dances on your palate with every sip.

In the glass, Prosecco Spumante Brut reveals a fresh and fragrant profile, with hints of golden apple and white blossoms. Elegant and direct, the persistent bubbles make it the perfect aperitif wine, setting the mood for any occasion. For a culinary match made in heaven, pair it with oysters or bright and nutty cheeses to elevate your tasting experience.

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About Winemaker

Domini del Leone by Emilio Fidora

At the heart of the Veneto region, just a stone's throw away from the Lagoon of Venice, lies the Fidora estate, a testament to the vision and dedication of four generations of the Fidora family. Guido Fidora, the current owner's grandfather, was a true pioneer of organic agriculture. Recognizing the detrimental impact of pesticides and agrochemistry on the biodiversity of his vineyards, he took a bold step and certified his estate as organic in 1974, making him one of the first in Italy to do so.

Guido's passion and commitment to organic farming were ahead of their time. In an era when the concept of organic wine was still in its infancy, he tirelessly promoted his wines and other farm products at farmers' markets and Slowfood events, inspiring neighboring estates to follow suit. Today, even the surrounding estates near their “Civranetta” estate are organic.

His grandson Emilio, now at the helm as the fourth generation, has continued this legacy by converting the estate to biodynamics since 2015. The estate is now a thriving mixed farm, encompassing vineyards, woodland, ponds, pastures for horses, cattle, and chickens, as well as fields of grains and other crops.

The Fidora estate's proximity to the sea and its constant winds, coupled with its unique Alpine-glacier soil, imparts distinct mineral notes and aromatic richness to the grapes. This terroir, combined with the family's dedication to organic and biodynamic farming, produces wines that are a true reflection of their origin and heritage.

The winged lion, symbolizing majesty, power, spiritual elevation, wisdom, and peace, adorns the estate's name and bottles, paying homage to Venice's illustrious history as one of the most powerful republics in the Mediterranean.

In addition to the 140 hectares near Venice, the Fidora family also owns a tiny plot in the hills of Valdobbiadene and 65 hectares of vines and forest in the Valpolicella region. All of these estates are certified organic and biodynamic by Demeter, reflecting the family's unwavering commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices.

So..What's natural wine again?

  • No synthetic molecules in the vines
  • Plowing or other solutions to avoid chemical herbicides
  • Use of indigenous yeast
  • Handpicked grapes
  • Low to no filtering
  • Low to no sulfites
  • Winemaking that respects the grapes: no pumping or rough handling
    of the grapes
  • no micro-oxygenation

Not all of our wines are natural; some are simply organic or sustainable.
However, they're all delicious and good for you!