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Château d'Esclans

Whispering Angel Rosé

Whispering Angel Rosé

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Sip on this! It's good for you because...

Varietal: Grenache, Cinsault, and Rolle

Region: Cotes de Provence

Country: France

Volume: 750ml

James Suckling: 91 Points

In the glass, Whispering Angel Rosé enchants with its delicate pale pink hue, evoking visions of Mediterranean sunsets and leisurely afternoons by the sea. Aromas of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and hints of citrus blossom dance on the nose, inviting you to take a moment and savor the beauty of the moment.

On the palate, experience the refreshing crispness and vibrant acidity that define Provence rosé. Flavors of ripe summer fruits, complemented by subtle herbal notes and a touch of minerality, create a harmonious balance that lingers on the palate with each sip.

Sourced from select vineyards nestled in the heart of Provence, Whispering Angel Rosé reflects the region's unique terroir and centuries-old winemaking traditions. The result is a wine of exceptional quality and character, perfect for any occasion—from casual gatherings with friends to elegant soirées under the stars.

Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with light Mediterranean fare, seafood, or fresh salads, Whispering Angel Rosé is a versatile companion that elevates every moment with its understated elegance and timeless appeal.

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About Winemaker

Château d'Esclans

Step into the enchanting world of Château d'Esclans, where centuries of winemaking heritage and visionary innovation converge to create some of the world's most exquisite rosé wines. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Provence, this historic estate has become synonymous with luxury, elegance, and the art of rosé winemaking.

At the heart of Château d'Esclans is a commitment to quality and authenticity that dates back generations. Founded in the 13th century, the estate has been meticulously tended by a succession of passionate winemakers who have honored its rich terroir and heritage.

Under the visionary leadership of Sacha Lichine, Château d'Esclans has risen to international acclaim for its exceptional rosé wines. From the iconic Whispering Angel to the luxurious Garrus, each wine is a reflection of the estate's dedication to excellence and innovation.

Crafted with care and precision, Château d'Esclans rosés are celebrated for their pale pink hues, delicate aromas, and vibrant flavors. Made from a blend of Grenache, Rolle, Cinsault, Syrah, and other varietals, these wines capture the essence of Provence's sun-drenched vineyards and Mediterranean climate.

But Château d'Esclans is more than just a winery—it's a destination. Visitors are invited to explore the estate's historic cellars, stroll through the vineyards, and savor tastings of the estate's acclaimed wines. Whether enjoying a leisurely picnic in the gardens or attending one of the estate's exclusive events, guests are treated to an unforgettable experience steeped in luxury and hospitality.

As a beacon of rosé excellence, Château d'Esclans continues to push the boundaries of winemaking, setting the standard for quality and elegance in the world of rosé. Join us in raising a glass to the timeless beauty and enduring legacy of Château d'Esclans—a true icon of Provence's winemaking heritage.

So..What's natural wine again?

  • No synthetic molecules in the vines
  • Plowing or other solutions to avoid chemical herbicides
  • Use of indigenous yeast
  • Handpicked grapes
  • Low to no filtering
  • Low to no sulfites
  • Winemaking that respects the grapes: no pumping or rough handling
    of the grapes
  • no micro-oxygenation

Not all of our wines are natural; some are simply organic or sustainable.
However, they're all delicious and good for you!