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Agricola Cirelli

Wine of Anarchy

Wine of Anarchy

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Sip on this! It's good for you because...

Varietal: Trebbiano

Region: Abruzzo

Country: Italy

Volume: 750ml

The grapes are picked before reaching full maturity and are gently pressed with the whole clusters intact. The juice is then transferred to stainless steel tanks to initiate the first fermentation process. Some of the juice is chilled and reserved to kick-start the second fermentation in an autoclave. After several months, the wine is bottled. Its slight cloudiness indicates that it hasn't been filtered, allowing it to retain all the natural sediments produced during the winemaking process.

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About Winemaker

Agricola Cirelli

Cirelli Farms adheres to organic farming regulations, prioritizing nature's inherent laws in their farming practices:

- They implement crop rotation and nutrient cycling to allow the soil to rejuvenate and replenish its nutrient levels.
- Natural fertilization is achieved through animals grazing directly on the soil, with their manure serving as a natural herbicide and fertilizer alternative, devoid of harmful chemicals.

Their production cycle is structured as follows: In the initial year, they sow wheat, barley, spelt, and alfalfa. Subsequently, the land is dedicated to vegetable crops in the following year. For the third and fourth years, they opt for vegetation like sunflowers, whose decomposing shoots enrich the soil with vital nutrients after harvesting.

So..What's natural wine again?

  • No synthetic molecules in the vines
  • Plowing or other solutions to avoid chemical herbicides
  • Use of indigenous yeast
  • Handpicked grapes
  • Low to no filtering
  • Low to no sulfites
  • Winemaking that respects the grapes: no pumping or rough handling
    of the grapes
  • no micro-oxygenation

Not all of our wines are natural; some are simply organic or sustainable.
However, they're all delicious and good for you!