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Yuzushu Yuzu Liqeur

Yuzushu Yuzu Liqeur

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Region: Nara

Country: Japan

Volume: 720 ml

ABV: 8%

Nestled in Nara Prefecture, Umenoyado Brewery has long been a standard-bearer for premium Japanese fruit liqueurs. Their Aragoshi yuzu-shu stands as a testament to their commitment to quality, with a total yuzu juice content of 21%, capturing the essence of handpicked, freshly pressed yuzu fruit.

Crafted with a blend of fresh yuzu juice, premium sake, high-quality distillate, and a touch of rock sugar for sweetness, this bright citrus liqueur offers an extremely vibrant expression of yuzu. Whether enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, or as an accent to a cocktail, Aragoshi delights the palate with its refreshing citrus notes and natural fruit pulp.

Refrigerate after opening to preserve its bright flavor, and rest assured that this exquisite yuzu liqueur will maintain its quality for months to come.

Umenoyado Brewery's Aragoshi yuzu-shu is not just a drink—it's an experience, a burst of sunshine in a bottle that brings the zesty flavors of freshly pressed yuzu straight to your glass. Cheers to Umenoyado Brewery for crafting this benchmark yuzu liqueur that is sure to elevate any cocktail or enjoyed on its own as a refreshing treat.

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